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Intelicam v1.0

As said previously, I’ve been sharpening my Artificial Intelligence skills. In the mean time, I created Intelicam 1.0, a fully artificial intelligence based hybrid security system. It is like a DVR, but with a few twists. Intelicam can detect and recognize people on cameras, warn about new recordings and monitor/stream multiple cameras in real-time.

The system is compatible with cheap usb cameras, more professional IP cameras and remote RTSP stream sources. Videos can also be easily separated in different categories.

Currently the software runs under Ubuntu Linux 18.04, and in the near future will probably run under Windows 10 as well.

I am now replacing my old home DVR with Intelicam, as it is already performing so much better. No more time reviewing lots of videos showing the trees moving with the wind. =)

Etherea VR progress

From tutorial to landing on a planet and back to the space station. There are lots of things disabled yet, in the final game this galaxy will be full of continuous challenges.

The game was recorded directly in VR and the video shows one eye only. As I’m in a real rush these days, on this video I forgot to disable some of the eye visual effects for the recording, so they ended up showing (that rounded dark for example).

Please note that *all* planets and stars and other things are really there (no fake backgrounds) and fully exploitable.

TinyMP3 Player

Edit: TinyMP3 source-code is now available on github: Today I published a recent Node + React + Material-UI-Next experiment on Heroku — it’s called TinyMP3: As the name implies, the little web app streams mp3 from a remote server. Music can be played individually clicking on its name, or added to a (session…

A Quick Take on NodeJS

INTRODUCTION As a relatively old Programmer, I’ve learned lots of different technologies and languages over the years. In addition to Games/VR, I also developed many commercial database systems in the past. I was a Senior Analyst at quite a few different companies, doing analysis, design and implementation (from dBase era to Clipper to Access to…

Ritmo: VR Rhythm Game for Oculus Rift

Here is a new game skeleton of a VR game for Oculus Rift — and possibly Vive in the near future. I just wanted something fun and quick to develop, as a test bed for my new VR interface lib. The player must hit objects that come into his direction in synch with the playing…

Real-Time Brain Wave Analyzer

The EEG (electroencephalogram) is a neurological test which can reveal abnormalities in people’s brain waves. The EEG device is traditionally found only in medical facilities. Most people will take an EEG test at least once on their lives. EEG devices have a few dozens of electrical sensors which can read brain activity and record those…

Cross-Platform Neural Network Library

I have been spending some time sharpening my skills on Artificial Intelligence again. I still like very much to write my own code and completely understand and dominate the object of study, so that is what I did recently — a personal neural network framework entirely written from scratch. I struggled a little bit with…

Neural Networks

I have been creating a Deep Neural Network library on weekends. It is not tied or dependent on any particular engine, so it can be used both on database-related systems and VR/Games. Neural Networks are awesome, as they try to emulate how real neurons work. The artificial ones also have dentrites (which I resume to…