Imersiva is the homepage of Vander Nunes (also known as “imerso”), a professional developer who creates Database-Driven Systems, Games and Virtual Reality experiences. You can contact Vander on the form below.


Vander Nunes, a.k.a. “imerso” / imersiva.com

Started programming computers in 1983, at the age of 13. In the end of 1983, with an 8bit computer called TK-83 (a brazilian Sinclair ZX-81 clone), started to learn Assembly Z80 and BASIC languages.

Since then have owned and programmed MSX, TRS-80, Apple2, Amiga and PC (from XT up to I7) computers. Fully comfortable with mobile (Android and iOS) and embedded (Arduino, ESP8266, Raspberry) programming as well.

Some things that I liked to do: A voice synthesizer in 1986 (for MSX and TRS-80), all written in Asm; two articles published in front-page of Microsistemas, the first printed brazilian micro-computer magazine, in 1990; Virtux, the first multi-user virtual reality system that I created in 1999, compatible with VFX-1 stereoscopic HMD; Winning a Latin America programming competition held by Qualcomm in 2004; The first Etherea; Giving a short talk on NVScene 2014; My family.

Able to program in Asm, C, C++, C#, Java, Javascript, PHP and a few other languages. Some knowledge about Ruby on Rails. Shaders programming in GLSL and HLSL. Will quickly learn and adapt to new technologies.


My stereoscopic exposition in 1996 =) Me and my first computer, in 1984
Microsistemas #96 and #99 My first VR helmet, the VFX1 in 1999