Edit: TinyMP3 source-code is now available on github: https://github.com/imerso/tinymp3

Today I published a recent Node + React + Material-UI-Next experiment on Heroku — it’s called TinyMP3: https://tinymp3.herokuapp.com. As the name implies, the little web app streams mp3 from a remote server. Music can be played individually clicking on its name, or added to a (session only) playlist. Although I did not add buttons, clicking on top-left skips to previous, top-right to next, and center pauses/resumes playing playlist music. On desktop clients it also shows a simple fft spectrum bar in real-time.

It is also embedded on this post. The MP3 list on the open demo is some free mp3 music available on the internet, so there are no legal infringements, I guess. The app is meant to be installed on a server somewhere, to stream music to anywhere else — in my case I am now using it to serve the music library at home. I did write another module that can stream photos and videos as well, but only published the mp3 part for now.

It is really small and loads very fast, but it’s currently using a free Heroku account, which means that it’ll be sleeping most of the time — so it might take several seconds for it to wake up. Please be patient.

Awaking TinyMP3 — please wait…

I need to find time to write that post about React and Webpack, but that did not happen yet.