That is right. After almost a week on Indiegogo, Etherea² has only about 130 visits and one brave backer, so in practice it is still unknown to the world, lost in the void. It did not generate any traction. A too premature campaign without any marketing at all, that is the problem.

I still believe in it as commercially viable, though. What it needed was a small pre-investment so that it could be properly developed until reaching the Minimal Viable Product (MVP), when it would be able to generate traction — before starting a crowdfunding campaign, that is.

Anyway, I will continue working in the project, using my spare time — as always — regardless of funding. I just love this project, and I want it completed even if it becomes a game for me to play with my kids — while also teaching programming to them. =)

Thanks for reading.

Vegetation in Etherea²